Woody Allen: A Biography
Knopf, 1991

When it first appeared in 1991, Eric Lax's splendid biography, written with nineteen years of access to Woody Allen, was universally hailed as the definitive portrait of a film genius. He chronicles Allenís next eight films, from Shadows and Fog to Small Time Crooks, and again offers Woody's candid opinions of his art and himself.

To research this intimate and insightful biography--a national bestseller in hardcover--Eric Lax spent four years by the side of one of our most private and contradictory celebrities. Woody Allen takes readers behind the scenes of Allen's most famous films and presents his candid opinions of his work, his influences, and his personal relationships.

This affectionate biography of Woody Allen is the best account of his life you can buy. Eric Lax, a longtime friend of Allen's, does not recite Allen's story by chronological rote. Instead, he begins in the present day and digresses from it to past events. The result is an anecdotal account that manages to give all the details of Allen's development as an artist and a man while remaining consistently entertaining, enlightening, and funny.

From Publishers Weekly
A feast for fans, this biography leans heavily on Woody Allen's own comments, interwoven verbatim with a shrewd, disarming portrait of an artist who feels "enormously alienated from other people." Lax ( On Being Funny: Woody Allen and Comedy ) is especially good on Allen's early years as New York University film school flunk-out, his transformation from stand-up comic to director, his influences (Mort Sahl, Camus, Odets, S. J. Perelman, et al.) and the recycling of his personal life into specific films. Lax is less revealing, however, when discussing the filmmaker's two marriages and 11-year relationship with Mia Farrow or the inner forces that drive him. Devotees will enjoy the behind-the-scenes glimpses of movies being written and shot. Photos. 50,000 first printing; BOMC alternate.
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